Commercial Upholstery Sydney

Chaircraft Furniture & Upholstery provides a commercial upholstery service to offices, retail stores, shops, clubs, hotels, beauty salons and restaurants must be comfortable to make potential customers sit at ease and spend more time in the premises.

This is where Chaircraft Upholstery helps you with its exhaustive range of commercial upholstery fabrics, products and services.

Chaircraft Upholstery has been in the commercial upholstery business for over 30 years and has, in these decades, amassed expertise in furniture covering and furniture restoration Sydney.

The master craftsmen and workers at Chaircraft are adept at restoring the oldest and the most ineffective piece of furniture and recreating it into a strong, plush and highly functional piece. Since seating is an important part of commercial spaces, Chaircraft Upholstery provides premium furniture upholstery solutions to such environments to ensure that they offer maximum comfort to their consumers.

Commercial upholstery services offered by Chaircraft extends to lounge furniture, reception seating, wing chairs, tub chairs, foot stools, cover cushions, made-to-order suites, ottomans and wall panels, etc.

Since the interior decor of commercial spaces is considerably different from the design, look and feel of domestic environment, the furniture upholstery must match the overall mood of the place as well as the nature of the business.

Whether you own a spa or a beauty salon or a wedding couture shop, Chaircraft has the requisite upholstery products and solutions for you.

From chic and stylish to grand and extravagant – whatever your style requirements be, Chaircraft is here to fill your commercial space with exquisitely upholstered furniture pieces that make a style statement of their own! Choose from an exciting and vibrant size, colours and patterns of materials and fabric for upholstery to add the right look and feel to your commercial space.
You can also seek the help of professional upholstery consultants who are well-versed with the topical style trends of the industry and businesses and can recommend suitable designs, materials or colours to suit your unique requirement. Chaircraft Upholstery’s real USP lies in providing top quality furniture upholstery and fabric fro upholstery.

Whether you wish to restore your old furniture or cover a new one, Chaircraft can offer you customized furniture restoration Sydney and furniture upholstery serves to suit your specific taste and pocket.

The company also specializes in marine upholstery repair, re-upholstery, bike seat cover repair, cane cushion recovering, Jacobean lounge recovering and lounge seat cushion recovering.

Its clientele is located all across Australia and depends heavily on its superior quality, sustainable and cost effective upholstering services. There are several factors that distinguish the commercial upholstery services of Chaircraft from the others. These include: Over 3 decades of experience The company’s commitment to quality at a very competitive price.

The company’s commitment to project deadlines Superior Dunlop quality commercial foams and best quality upholstery supplies, expert service and no obligation advice Guaranteed products and services.

After sales care products and service Alterations, repairs, re-springs and new foams at no additional cost If you are still looking for a commercial upholstery provider in Sydney, look no further – Chaircraft offers a comprehensive, end-to-end upholstery solution to meet all your needs!

What’s more, the company also provides 24 hours turn over time for public bars, hotels and cafes that need their furniture to be returned quickly.

Choose Chaircraft’s vibrant, sustainable and cost effective commercial upholstery and lend your business space a unique and plush makeover!

For a no obligation consultation on how to make your commercial space breath of sophistication and comfort, give us a call now on 1800 704 581
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