Chaircraft Domestic and Household Upholstery Services Sydney

We at Chaircraft Upholstery understand how important the look, feel and functionality of your furniture are for you. This why, we offer premium domestic upholstery products and services to ensure that you extract maximum value and comfort from your furniture.

Whether you have a majestic mansion that you wish to refurbish or a modest, contemporary home which you want to give a makeover, Chaircraft Upholstery has the perfect assortment of upholstery services in Sydney for you.

Chaircraft Furniture Upholstery gives equal importance to each project, whether big or small and ensures the finest deliverables to transform your abode into a space that breathes elegance, functionality and comfort. From covering lavish sofas or lounge suites to providing simple bed head upholstery or chair upholstery, Chaircraft does it all.

Being in the domestic upholstery enterprise for over 30 years has helped the master craftsmen and upholstery consultants at Chaircraft ample experience of the ever changing trends and styles of upholstery. Chaircraft Upholstery and Furniture Restoration Sydney has been servicing homes across Sydney Suburbs since its very inception and has helped to create thousands of refurbished domestic spaces and several more satisfied home owners.

The bulk of Chaircraft’s services relies heavily on the level of quality and consistency of our furniture restoration and upholstery services and products. If you wish to seek re-upholstery services to lend another lease of life to your beloved pieces of furniture, we are here to help!

From antique furnishing, antique furniture restoration, leather upholstery or leather furniture restoration to classic deep buttoned lounges to hand sprung seating and application of new webbing, whatever you are seeking, you can find it at Chaircraft upholstery and furniture restorations Sydney at a highly competitive price.

Our team of upholstery and furniture restoration experts and craftsmen ensures that every aspect of the furniture being re-upholstered undergoes the refurbishment process, including supply of new foam for the cushions, changing sagging seats, replacing broken springs or fixing a broken part of your furniture.

At Chaircraft you can find an exhaustive range of samples of fabrics for upholstery, from high quality vinyl to posh varieties of leather and from modest cotton or polyester to rich wool – there is something to suit every taste and budget. The team is well versed with the different fabric styles and provides expert advice on the selection of the best fabric for upholstery to create desired colour schemes that complement the overall design, look and feel of the house.

Whether you are looking for furniture restoration Sydney services, get custom designed furniture, recover your old dining or sofa sets, or searching for sustainable and cost effective furniture upholstery, Chaircraft Upholstery and Furniture Restoration Sydney is a one-stop-shop for all your upholstering requirements.

Chaircraft Upholstery and Furniture Restoration Sydney thrives on customer satisfaction and you can well rest assured that your beloved piece of furniture will be made available to you in the best condition, if not better, that when you purchased it new!

Chaircraft Upholstery and Furniture Restoration Sydney also offers a range of add-on upholstery services such as fibre guards for fabrics for upholstery to extend the longevity of your home furnishings along with custom made furniture to order.

If you have any questions regarding your leather upholstery, furniture re-upholstery, bed head upholstery, antique upholstery or re-upholstery, then simply contact Chaircraft Upholstery and Furniture Restoration Sydney and we will answer any questions you may have.

We have been around for over 30 years in Sydney, so we have managed to continue our position due to the service, and workmanship provided.

You won't be disappointed with Chaircraft Upholstery and Furniture Restoration Sydney. We get the job done right the first time.

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