Upholstery Fabrics

Looking for a Particular Fabric?
At Chaircraft Furniture & Furniture Restorations we carry a huge supply of well known fabric brands, materials, leather, vinyl and much more.

All materials of fabrics for upholstery offered by Chaircraft Furniture are highly sustainable, long lasting and best value for money.

If your wanting to find the right upholstery fabric for your furniture restoration then tour through some of the fabric brands below, find the fabric number that you like most and give us a call to advise your desired fabric.

Find your perfect fabric

Visit our wholesaler's website's to select the perfect fabric for your item.

Order with us for the best pricing.

The Textile company

The Textile company Fabric
See The Textile Company

Profile Fabrics

Profile Fabrics
See Profile Fabrics

Avanti Leather

Avanti Leather Fabrics
See Avanti Leather

Domestic Textile

Domestic Textile
See Domestic Textile

James Dunlop Textile

James Dunlop Textile
See James Dunlop Textiles
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