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Chaircraft Furniture & Upholstery Restorations Sydney have over 40 years of experience in providing upholstery services with a focus on outdoor furniture and outdoor upholstery fabrics used.


We have a huge range of designer fabrics through to very modern upholstery fabrics, vintage look fabrics, leather upholstery fabrics and much much more.

With Chaircraft Upholstery and Furniture Restorations, you will be happy to know that alot of love goes into what we do.


We take pride in our work providing the highest quality workmanship possible to ensure that your final result is one that not only pleases you, but also pleases us.


Choosing the correct Outdoor upholstery fabric for your outdoor furniture is not a simple task in just choosing andy outdoor upholstery fabric.


Many factors come into the scene when searching for an outdoor upholstery fabric for your outdoor furniture.


Below is a list of what we have come up with over our 40 Year Experience in providing Furniture Upholstery Services both home furniture upholstery and furniture restoration as well as outdoor upholstery fabrics and outdoor furniture restorations.

Durability of material

Choose the outdoor upholstery fabric based on who will use your sofa in the patio.

If your pet dog or cat is allowed to jump on it, the fabric must be strong enough to withstand heavy use.

Avoid delicate materials like silk in such cases. Woven fabric patterns and the upholstery with higher thread counts hold up longer than printed ones.

Thread count imply the number of threads per square inch of fabric, and denser fabric lasts longer.

Fabric style

The fabric style should complement the style and model of furniture piece that it covers.

An outdoor upholstery fabric with traditional or classical patterns may not look good on modern furniture.

You need to understand the features of your furniture to select the best covering for it.

Certain upholstery fabrics look casual, while others are more formal. Pick up a fabric that echoes your own style or theme that you have established in your patio.

The scale of the pattern should be appropriate to the size of the furniture that it has to cover, as also the size of patio or balcony.

A large bold, pattern looks nice in a larger room, while a more muted or smaller is an appropriate choice for a smaller space.

Fabric shades
It is safer to avoid delicately coloured fabrics especially if there small kids or pets at home. Also, drops of rain water on exposed furniture can cause fabric to bleed colour.


Avoid the colours that come and go with trends. While choosing shades for your upholstery fabric, go for the ones that look subtle in all seasons.

Other considerations

Fade Resistance: Furniture in balconies, patios, porticos and verandas will naturally get exposed to sunlight daily.


While choosing the outdoor upholstery fabric it is important to choose material that can tolerate sunlight without losing its colours.


Mildew Resistance: Sydney is a coastal city and if your house is closer to the beach, you need to choose a fabric that can tolerate humid climate.


The fabric must be able to resist problems like mildew.

Allergies: Certain fabrics attract a lot of dust and fine particles in the air and may not be safe for those who are prone to allergies. The make and texture of fabric must be checked before choosing it for your furniture.


Overall, the best way to select the right Outdoor Upholstery Fabric is simply to contact us and either arrange a time to come in and speak with one of our Chaircraft Upholstery Team members, or simply contact us to request a fabric sample to be sent.


We also have a huge selection of supplier fabrics you may want to select a fabric from.
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